Anyone who runs Combo fix knows that during the scan the machine is disconnected from the network. This is fine when using Combo fix onsite but it can be frustrating if you are running the application remotely as you have no idea if the application is running or waiting.

To get around this issue I use the following simple solution to allow you remote access back to the machine for the duration of the Combo fix execution.

  1. Download Combo fix from Bleeping Computer.
  2. Create a batch script in the same folder called fixnet.bat with the following code.
    ping -n 100
    ipconfig /renew
  3. Execute Combo fix and then run the batch script straight away. Keep an eye on the script as Combo fix will close it. If that occurs re-open it as soon as possible before you loose connectivity.
  4. Enjoy watching Combo fix run through its process.

The script is very simple and does the following things.

  • It pings an Internet IP ( for 100 pings (This acts as a timer)
  • Once that is complete it renews the IP Configuration to re-add the gateway to the Network Interface.
  • Then ┬áthe script starts itself again to repeat the process. This will allow you access back onto the workstation again if you loose connectivity while Combo fix is running.