Now that we have what we want all designed and ready to install we can start the installation of the back end software. Most of the front ends will just work once the server is setup correctly.

Software download

First things first is to get the software you need downloading. You will need to download the following items

Once they are downloaded / downloading you can setup your hardware ready.

Hardware setup

This is pretty straight forward. Plug in your power cable to the netbook or laptop, a network cable and the TV tuner ready. I would leave the external hard drive disconnected for the moment as we can add that in later.

You will also need a USB flash drive for the installation.

USB Drive setup

Once Mythbuntu has downloaded start the Pendrive linux UUI and make the following selections.

  • Step 1 :  Select Mythbuntu (you will need to select the same version as you downloaded)
  • Step 2: Select the Mythbuntu ISO file that was downloaded from the link above.
  • Step 3: Select the USB drive that you are using for the installation. Select format which will mean that you will loose all the existing files on the drive.
  • Click Create.

This will take a bit of time while it extracts the files and moves them to the USB drive. Once complete you will have a Mythbuntu USB installer. Take this and connect it to the computer that is going to become the server.