For testing on my home network, I wanted to run a windows domain so I could play with items such as VMWare, Backup Exec, and general AD items.

So I split out my network into a new range and installed 2 servers. Created one as a File Store and Domain Controller, the other is the VMWare box and the Backup Exec box.

Now that it is all setup and working, I wanted to be able to address servers by name from within the general network. I could have done this by changing my DNS to the Windows Server and having the Windows server do the forwarding, but I wanted to keep BIND as my primary DNS Server in my network.

So to keep BIND and all of the zones I had in bind, aswell as be able to talk to the new Domain I needed to setup BIND to forward all requests for that domain onto the Windows Server.

Here is the steps to how I did it.

On the Bind server edit the named.conf.local file to add the zone

As you can see, for my new domain (world.local) I am forwarding both forward and reverse lookups to the windows server.

The next thing I needed to do was to turn off DNSSEC so it will return results from the windows server.

Then restart BIND

Last thing to do is to test it all. (Like a good IT administrator)