It has been a while since I have put a post onto here so I thought I would get back into it by installing EHCP onto a raspberry pi. (The original model B). I figured that the specs are not much worse off then a cheap web host and it would be a good idea to replace my workstation server with a low power raspberry pi.

So to get started I downloaded and installed Noobs onto a SD Card and performed a default Raspberrian install onto the device. All the instructions are here –

Once installed I made the following setting changes to the pi ready to do the install (These are via the Raspberry Config Utility)

  • I gave the machine a host name (in my case it was webhost)
  • Changed the boot from Desktop to CLI
  • Disabled Auto login
  • Over clocked the CPU to 900Mhz
  • Reduced the GPU memory to 16MB
  • Set Locale, Time zone and Keyboard

Once those were set, I rebooted the machine and set a static IP address. This was a bit new to me as it has to be done by using dhcpcd.conf so I did the following to set the IP

Just a few notes about this. It seems like it is pretty particular. I at first had spaces around the = and it didn’t work. so just a word of warning about that.

Then I rebooted and placed it into the DMZ and connected to it to check that I was able to communicate with it.

After it is in the correct place I updated the device

A few user modification to disable the default account.

Once that is all done, you are now ready to install EHCP

Work through the wizard answering the questions and at the end you should have a working EHCP.

I will pick up some of the configuration in my next post.