While setting up a mixed environment server I was continually annoyed by the MAC machines adding those hidden files into the Windows File Shares. (You know the ones the .DS_Store, ._.DS_Store, .Trashes, ._Filename)

After considering a few possibilities such as a script that regularly removes the files, or disabling the setting on the MAC’s themselves. I decided that a more proactive method was required.

With that in mind I decided to use File Screening on the server to prevent these files from being written in the first place. Here is the steps I used to do this.

Open the File Server Resource Manager on Windows Server. (It will need to be installed first if not already)

Select File Screen Templates under File Screening Management


Create a new File Screen Template either clicking the link in the Action Pane or Right clicking within the window and selecting Create File Screen Template

Name the Template as Prevent MAC Files and select Active Screening (See image below)

You will then need to create a new File Group. In the image below I called this group “MAC Files” and added the following Files to include

  • *._*
  • *.DS_Store
  • *._.DS_Store
  • *.Trashes
  • *.apdisk
  • *.TemporaryItems
A list of naughty extensions

A list of naughty extensions

Once that is complete click OK to return to the Template screen. Make sure that the Name, Type and Group is selected and Click OK

DS_Store! Your days are numbered!

DS_Store! Your days are numbered!

Once that is complete you will need to Create a new File Screen. Select File Screens from the menu, and create new File Screen.

Give the screen a location and select the new policy that was created above and that is about it.

Trouble files. Be Gone!

Trouble files. Be Gone!