Time is super important within a network, it is super difficult to try and line up errors when you have to take into account the differences in time between servers etc. This all came to a point the other day when I was trying to work out why my Guest Wifi Network wouldn’t take to its gateway and beyond.

So I intalled a NTP server onto the local DNS server. This is the steps I used

Install the NTP Daemon.

Configure the NTP Servers that this host will talk to

Restart the NTP Service for the changes to kick in

Check that it is starting up

Check who the NTP Service is talking to

Next I wanted to make it neat so I added a DNS Record into one of my zones

Restart bind to update the zone

Lastly I added my other hosts to update their time from this server.

That is all there is to it. If you however like I did, you run into trouble you can use the following tools to help find out what is wrong.

Tell the server to run its first update

Get another host to try and update its time from this server. (Run this from the client)

Check that the service is started and listening